No Such Thing as Free Time

      This fall I started working as the Director of Volunteer Management and Engagement for the Student Alumni Association of my school. I must say that it has been quite a busy term trying to balance work, greek life, as well as school all at the same time. Although it's been a little overwhelming at times, I feel that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have something on my mind at all times. Staying active and productive is what keeps me sane on a regular basis. Working with the Student Alumni Association has been a tremendous experience. The people I've met, the hands i've shook and the things I've learned while working with this organization has made this experience completely worth it. I love working with the other directors on the leadership team and I feel like we've accomplished some really great things collaborating with one another after just a term. This year, we've reached over 6,000 members, which is the most amount of members the Student Alumni Association has had since it was established at the University of Oregon. That's something I'm very proud of and I know this year's benchmark will set the standard for years to come.

       So what do I do? I collaborate with the rest of the SAA leadership team to plan and implement opportunities to engage our undergraduate and graduate student members in opportunities to give back to the University and create engaged and connected alumni and advocates for the university while they are still students. I directly manage volunteers, working alongside them to further the mission of the SAA and ensure that they are comfortable with their tasks and are knowledgable about the goals of the SAA and how well they impact the university, as well as assist with reports on volunteer hours. I'm usually working out of the Ford Alumni Center on campus but occasionally I get to go out and work events with my volunteers, which is my favorite part of my job. That being said, I'm looking forward to what's to come throughout the year and enduring future success as a team. Some things I'm really excited for is being able to explore the state capitol at some point this year, attending conferences in Seattle and Portland next term, and even having the opportunity to visit Washington DC next year with the rest of the SAA leadership team!