Ethos Magazine

    This fall I started working as a public relations representative for Ethos Magazine. Ethos Magazine is a nationally recognized, award-winning student publication that shares a multi-cultural spirit throughout and University and Eugene community. Ethos is defined as the fundamental characteristic of a spirit, people or culture. Throughout the publication you'll find stories ranging from Eugene restaurants to international human rights debates. Ethos Magazine offers ethical, journalistic story telling, beautiful photography and illustrations, innovative designs. Last year it won the 2014 Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker Award and 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award.

    When I first began working for Ethos, a large segment of the student community hadn't even heard of the magazine. For how great the magazine was and the amount of awards it had received, I was appalled by the lack of awareness for this magazine by the campus community. That's what drove me to want to become a public relations representative for Ethos Magazine. I wanted to expose everything that the magazine has to offer to the student community and promote it to the greater Eugene community as well.

     In order to see real results in awareness and readership, my team and I thought the most effective way to market the magazine would be to throw large-scale events throughout the year. These events would bring the community together and show involvement on campus. These events, along with social media promotion, would help reach our goal of exposing the magazine to the community and generating excitement on campus towards the release of the next issue of the magazine.

    The first event we threw was a total success. It was called "UO Campus Snowball" and it was an event centered around music, dance and a white Christmas theme. We were able to attract 12 different partnerships/sponsors for the event, in which student organizations could table at the event and engage with students through various games and activities. We also had over 15 different music and dance performances throughout the event in which we booked in advance. Throughout the day, we had over 100 people come and participate in the event as well. There's definitely some things we could have improved upon but we can definitely use some of those things to make our next event even better. Although, we are very happy with the results and I'm happy to be apart of such as great team.