Working at The Emerald Media Group

     This past summer and part of fall term, I worked as a account executive within the marketing and sales department of the Emerald Media Group. The Emerald Media Group is a modern college media company at the University of Oregon, which is divided into many different types of media outlets and departments. The Emerald Media Group also publishes the student publication at the University, known as the Daily Emerald. As an account executive, I worked directly under the VP of Sales and Marketing, along with four other account executives that are also students at the University. As a account executive, my primary role was to reach out to local businesses to sell a variety of different types of advertising and media work that the Emerald Media Group offers. The different facets of advertising that the Emerald offers and I was selling encompassed print, online, outdoor and even a mobile app. I also sold event planning, social media consulting, and web development services as well. 

    A typical day at the office consisted of reaching out to potential businesses either through phone or email from a list that I would strategically put together, to set up what we would call "discovery meetings" where we would meet with decision makers of businesses and figure out what their marketing goals and objectives were, along with their advertising budgets. After a "discovery meeting," I would put together a long term advertising campaign for them that was strategically tailored towards their goals, objectives, and budget. The key to being successful in this was not just coming up with a campaign that they thought would be effective but also being persistent as possible, showing great customer service, and establishing a beneficial client relationship. What I've learned is there really isn't any magic bullet to hit one target market, you're better off experimenting with a variety of different types of media throughout.

     All in all, this has been a great learning experience for me. I've learned how to create mutually beneficial relationships with clients, how to present something I believe in, and how to create strategic campaigns that will effectively create great results for my clients. Even though I'm not convinced that sales in something I want to do as a career, I know that I will be able to apply my experience to whatever I do in life or my field of work. I really enjoyed being able to give my own professional advice to my clients and see it all pay off in the end. The Emerald Media Group has served as a amazing bridge between going to school and entering the work force. I am absolutely blessed to have been able to receive the real world experience that I have gotten and learn as much as I did about the media industry. I'm excited for what's more to come!