The Importance of Internal Communication

In the fast paced and chaotic nature of today’s economy, many companies often forgot about the importance of having effective internal communication for their organization. Some companies are so wrapped up in their everyday external communication practices that they tend to forgot about what essentially makes up their entire organization- their own employees. Employees are the lifeblood of any company and also define the company’s brand. They also cultivate the company culture and are responsible for any output by the company.

So if this is true, why do so many employers tend to fray away from implementing tactics of internal communication in their everyday agenda? The answer to this is purely up to speculation but I believe it’s because of lack of time. Most companies are so wrapped up in their day-to-day agendas and reaping inmore profits that internal communications has fallen vastly on their list of priorities. When I analyze a company, the first thing I do is I think about its employees and the culture they have created for the brand. That’s why it’s also important that employers recruit people who represent the culture of their brand. They might have all the qualifications and experience in the world but if their personality and interests aren’t in line with the company’s culture, it can be very devastating for the company’s brand.

A company is only as successful as its employees, which means it’s crucial that all employees are on the same page and up to speed on all the company under goings at all times. Whether it’s weekly or daily statements to employees through email or just weekly meetings, the employees must be in close connection with everyone higher up in management. In times of a crisis, if the public finds out out information before the employees do regarding the crisis – this could lead to the downfall of the company. Employees are essentially the spokespeople of the company and manage the reputation of the company at all times.

It’s also important that companies share its goals with employees. This will allow employees to look at the bigger picture and understand the motives behind everything the company does. If a company’s employees are unaware of the organization’s future aspirations, they will continue to think in the present and fray away from any innovative and beneficial thinking. In order for a company to have success, its’ employees must be goal-minded and laser focused on the company’s values and priorities. I also believe that companies that have better employee satisfaction tend to have better consumer satisfaction. Treating your employees well will drive better work ethic, integrity, and will overall improve the product of their work. Efficient and consistent internal communication will empower your employees and drive individuals to think and act in the best interest of the company.