Where I believe the industry is headed...

Today we live in a society that is constantly changing. In 1946, the first computer was invented. A little over 10 years later, we see the rise of computers being integrated into our society. Now it seems like we are seeing breakthroughs in the way we go about our every day lives each and every year. It’s hard to not take for granted the fact that we live in a society that is constantly pushing for innovation and change. Although, it’s apparent that many organizations out there are not efficient at adapting to these vast changes on a regular basis. I believe that’s what is keeping us public relations practitioners in business.

As our society innovates and new technology is developed, the power and reach of the media continues to grow. Some people used to think that the practice ofpublic relations is not effective and not a necessity for an organization. Over time, these people have been proven to be very wrong. Now there is not a large scale organization or corporation out there without some sort of public relations department integrated within it. As the media continues to grow, so does the public relations industry. Why is that you ask? It’s because the media creates a society where there is increased awareness by the people everywhere and everything is to be known. If your organization has a secret, people will most likely find out. This has lead to a over-reliance on public relations firms and agencies to protect images, reputations and what is seen by the media.

The media can either help you or destroy you. Public relations professionals control which one it’s going to be. As the reach and freedom of the media grows, I believe the need for crisis communication will also. I think we will start see more public relations professionals involved in the decision making and leadership structures of big companies. Overall, we will see more reliance on the public relations industry than ever before. There’s no longer any hidden secrets due to the power of the media.

As social media grows more and more, so so will the amount of scandals in the media. We’ll start to see more and better technology being used in general public relations practiceand innovation in the way things are done. Public relations professionals will need to adapt a faster changing society which will lead to more creativity in the way we implement strategy on a regular basis. I believe the industry is in a good spot right now and I’m excited to see it progress into the future!